the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
    “20th century popular culture”
    the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.
    “Afro-Caribbean culture”

Whilst the meaning of culture as a collective term, puts us all in the game of becoming cultural critics, when I initially thought of this as a sub heading for my site, my immediate thought was the latter. “Afro-Caribbean culture”, was a label that became familiar to me during the 1970’s. I’d always been a Jamaican. Born in England of Jamaican parents what else could I be. So my affinity has been looking the world through a lens from which I began to explore my identity as a Jamaican. The irony was that I never went there until I was 21. So my learned behaviour about who I was or what my culture was centre around the number 2 version of the term culture on this yah page.

Being in England afforded me the indoctrination of the education system, the media in the form of the red tops, meaning The Sun, The Daily Mirror, News of the World and other titles the working class are supposed to be familiar with. Then we had The BBC, ITV, who were responsible for informing the masses on what art and culture from a UK perspective looked and felt like.

Now in 2017, with almost everyone having access to information technology and the means of digital production, we live in a world where we could almost be the fly on the wall to every culture, and make our own sophisticated impressions on the impact of the culture and cultures of the day.