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Martin Sorrell leveraging his experience for S4 to own the Digital Marketing Space Founder of WPP plc Sir Martin Sorrell, the British multinational advertising and public relations company, effectively the largest marketing company in the world, jumped ship April last year to form S4 Capital which has posted pre-tax operating profits of $20.1m from revenues of pro forma revenues of £135.9m. “The company’s purely digital model based on first-party data fuelling digital content and programmatic…

Here is an outline of the Talent Development Programme Framework I have developed for clients of local community facing organisations, non-Profits, local authorities, housing organisations seeking to deliver social impact programmes that can be adapted to any situation

Dated video with Khalid explaining the trend in Digital for Business. Quote research in Forbes magazine, how most companies have not seen digital as central to their business model, so as such place themselves at high risk when considering what is taking place in the market place.

Network Marketing can be a hard slog, but choosing the right company and the right product suite can provide dividends. My early experience’s of the sector was common to most where I failed at first with a company selling water filters and then succeeded with a subsequent company,  reaching a Senior Marketing Director position for Telco Global Communications a company that utilised the Network Marketing business model to establish substantial growth in the late 90’s. For the benefit of those who are exploring business models and business opportunities, this article and the video I am sharing below gives an analysis as to where this industry currently stands, and why you should do your due diligence and take a look at what it has to offer. When I reflect Network Marketing, it gave me the opportunity to surpass the income I was earning in my day job, (which was at the time as a Principal Officer for a National Voluntary Sector Organisation that worked with young people who were vulnerable), and go on a journey in business that saw one of my companies make over £1.5m in sales. Not bad for a Battersea boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

What is Network Marketing?
Network Marketing is the modern name for Multi Level Marketing or MLM which also know as direct selling, a form of sales and distribution that includes sales made through the party plan, one-on-one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements as well as more recently with internet sales. The three top revenue companies in the US in revenue terms for 2016, are Amway, Avon, Herbalife which are now household names were responsible for $15 billion dollars in product sales.

London School of Economics/RSA’s joint Reinventing Work Networking Event – October 2017

Those in attendance, were either Fellows of the Royal Society of the Arts or soon to be, all of whom were evidently from the round of introductions, high achievers with practical experience of implementing change towards the new panacea of nurturing organisations to mitigate the corporate ills of self interest, power, inefficiencies in structural hierarchy, processes, communication, blurred lines of accountability, autonomy, role and boundary.

Self Management, and Distributed Leadership are some of the concepts that are the thread of the RSA’s reinventing work network; thinking outside the box to reconcile organisational development, using Fredric Laloux’s Opus Magnum, Reinventing Organisations as the standard bearer for reshaping the organisations of tomorrow. ( See a summary Frederic Laloux thinking in the video below)

Imagine a new model of thinking that spans management practice, community empowerment and the conceptof an authentic voice, that facilitates the optimisation of clear and creative thinking through a coherent methodology and practice framework. With traditional organisational structures having to recognise the challenge of globalisation, and the need to innovate to sustain themselves or die; digital transformation has increasingly become the priority focus as most sectors are at the mercy of technological disruption via new software development such as the latest significant advances in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine Learning, 3D Printing. If you are one of those companies not looking at digital transformation, this means that your enterprise is behind the curve and at risk.

Amazon laid down the marker for future web development and Cloud Computing at AWS Summit London at Excel this week. Gavin Jackson Amazon’s UK managing director and Dr Werner Vogels Amazon’s CTO and Vice President of in charge of driving technology innovation, introduced the Summit as an event for sharing their knowledge and experience as business was now a sharing economy. Announcing the customers were the experts, the ones that were building the future. In their eyes the AWS product suite provided the context and the environment for the future to be built.  Refreshingly they positioned their own journey as a working progress giving that sense that as we all move on in computing, we are all pioneers at the frontier….

Why Software is Eating The World? An essay written 6 years ago by Marc Andreessen stated that “every company needs to become a software company”. Co-author of Mosaic the first widely used browser and co-founder of Netscape the pioneer internet browser that the first generation of internet users used even before Internet Explorer ever saw the light of day; (the days way before Chrome, Firefox and Safari) Andreessen, now of Andreessen Horowitz a mega successful Venture Capitalist from Silicon Valley, in his seminal Wall Street Journal article was bringing attention to the fact that business’s leveraging internet technology through the development of software were already the biggest companies in the world and there were more on their way. Changing the face of the way business was being done and would be done forever more.

Having been invited to take part a training course in the Netherlands entitled “talent development as a positive approach towards capacity building for youth (at risk) in order to prevent youth unemployment” in Spring of 2014; part of the application process was to describe my own experience in delivering programs to young people.

I have always thought carefully about the interventions I make in different forums. In the early years it was always based on heartfelt emotion, and the truth of the matter. Working within an organisational context, it becomes a little bit more sensitive to the surroundings and those in front of you. I am and have been guilty of trying to overload the discourse, with sometimes a little bit too much information. Recently hearing about the…