Enterprise Empowerment

Never in the history of business has there been a time that is more conducive or easier time to do business than the present. Access to the global marketplace via internet and digital technology has eliminated that barriers that previously existed. So why will some succeed where others fail. Not all things are equal.

In the UK, the government have declared a digital skills crisis, suggesting that on an individual basis and amongst businesses more could be done to ensure that the country prepares itself by investing in acquiring the necessary skills to take advantage of the opportunities this technological age presents.

The online marketplace which is now entering its second generation, has seen the rise and fall of so many business models, that a cursory review of what has been successful since it became the norm for us to “Google” what we need to know about a product or where to get it, will give us some of the major clues as to where our efforts need to be, when developing our business ideas.

Geoff Canada of Harlem Children Zone outlines that the area of concern for him, is where the children of more affluent households, have mentors that put them in a position to take advantage of the opportunities digital technology has to offer. Whereas those who come from the more impoverished communities, are subject to the “low level” content online, similar to “daytime tv effect” that dumbs down and lowers the morality of society at the expense of the these groups, but creates great profits for the content producers.

As part of the Talent Development Framework we presented is “Enterprise Empowerment”  where we seek to empower others to reflect on some of the new business models and leading thinking on how the business sector is negotiating this transition to the era of new knowledge and digital economies that we now find ourselves in. This involves exploring business innovation, tech start ups, business incubators, innovation hubs, crowdfunding and venture capital; especially looking at how this new thinking is impacting on Organisational, Product and Service Design.

As individuals, groups, communities and organisations we are all concerned with how to survive. The pace of change is rendering the organisational responses to current challenges as sterile.  Historically the traditional economic eco-system passed the less affluent by. Just keeping abreast of new services and opportunities online allows those who have the inclination and time to be in a position to be early adopters of new innovate ideas that can change the way whole industries respond to the marketplace.  We believe that enabling people to have a foundational understanding of concepts such as value creation, talent development and shared value can translate their own thinking of enterprise empowerment.