The Icon Cyrille Regis – Bridging The Differences between Black and White

The tributes for Cyrille Regis, ex-England International footballer who died aged 59 on the morning of Monday 15th January 2018 show the greatness of the man. A torch bearer in dark times. The most handsome, and coolest of personalities, has been lauded by all as a true gentleman; a black man who showed the strength, skill and subtlety on a football pitch, when blacks were excluded from the game...
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Pienaar on his day off – “We really don’t know where we are going!”

Watching celebrity mastermind this weekend John Pienaar, Deputy Political Editor for the BBC, who prior to questions on his general knowledge round, said "having covered politics (as a journalist) for 35 years, 2 or 3 years ago you'd thought you'd seen everything...." Now he's seen things he's never seen almost every week. Asked to elaborate more by John Humphrey's, the successor to the...
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August Wilson’s “Fences” High Art Indeed!

Having seen "Fences", starring Denzel and Viola Davis, I have to admit that the film moved me so much that I have started telling others even using the word  "Profound", challenging them to watch it themselves and hear their perspectives.... Having seen Denzel Washington promote the film, initially I only caught that the film's main theme was about Troy Maxson's (Denzel's...
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